Topics Covered

  Estimating single mean, hypothesis testing of 2 & >2 means (paired and unpaired samples, repeated measurements, ANCOVA)
  Estimating a single proportion, hypothesis testing of two proportions (equal & unequal), matched paired designs
  Kappa, Intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC)
     Diagnostic Tests
  Sensitivity, Specificity, PPV, Positive & Negative likelihood ratios
     Regression Methods
  Simple correlation & regression, simple & multiple logistic regressions
     Survival Analysis
  Log-rank test, Cox regression, Exponential survival curves
     Cluster Designs
  Estimation (continuous & binary), comparison of means, proportions & incidence rates (matched & unmatched)
     Equivalence Study
  Paired & unpaired tests for means and proportions
     Epidemiological Designs
  Cohort, unmatched and matched case-control studies
     Clinical trials
  Comparison of Means and Proportions, Superiority trials, Equivale nce /Bio equivalence, Non inferiority trials from parallel and Crossover designs
  Sign test, will coxon signed rank test, Nann-whitney U test